Project One|80

Project One|80 is an approach to help young people understand behaviours that might lead them into trouble, and to help them get better at making smart choices.

Project One|80

Introducing Project One|80

As the number of young people becoming entangled with the law continues to rise, it’s time for a new approach. Project One|80, a dynamic initiative we are trialling with Thames Valley Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, aims to transform the practice of Youth Justice professionals and the futures of those young people who find themselves in situations they struggle to navigate.

Exacerbated by the lockdown, a sense of disenfranchisement among many young people has heightened vulnerability and created a ticking time bomb for our future. Conventional responses have fallen short, leaving a void that demands fresh and innovative thinking to engage them effectively in a process that leads to better decision-making. At Lime, we understand the power of connection. We recognise that young people often view the police as adversaries, hindering progress. That’s why we’re committed to breaking down barriers and building bridges through our deep understanding of the problem and highly engaging resources.

Empowering Young Lives, Transforming Futures

With a suite of meticulously crafted tools and a cutting-edge delivery platform, Project One|80 will equip Police Officers working in Youth Justice Services to make a lasting impact. Our approach has already succeeded during an initial proof of concept pilot, receiving accolades from Officers who experienced transformative interactions with young people. 

What’s more, by reducing the time taken to plan, craft and deliver contact time with young people that’s truly effective in supporting their journey away from criminal activity, Project One|80 is enhancing the efficiency of entire Youth Justice Teams. But we’re not stopping there. We’re determined to take this impact to new heights. That’s why we’re investing further in developing the Project One|80 platform, including enhanced practitioner training resources, an impact monitoring framework and a production-grade online delivery platform, not to mention a library of content that enables practitioners to provide a truly tailored intervention. 

Through Project One|80, we envision a future where Police Officers and young people work together as catalysts for change. Together, we’ll shatter limitations, foster trust, and create a world of possibilities.

Join us on this remarkable journey and witness the transformation firsthand. Together, let’s unlock the potential of young lives and rewrite their narratives. Discover the power of Project One|80 today, and keep checking here for updates on how this innovative initiative develops.

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