Enhancing our technology with VR

Enhancing our technology with VR

Using technology for engagement

Engagement is one of the key foundations we are built upon, making sure our audience wants to learn and gain something from the experience. In our Choices Programme, we have utilised iPads for delivering the comic book style stories in schools, and expanding the experience to web-based platforms. For other projects like Safer Streets and One|80, we document the progress and content on camera and use this in many different forms. However, technology is evolving as each day passes and our next progression is looking at VR and using 360 cameras for a complete and immersive experience. Currently, we have three complete stories in circulation within our Choices Programme. We have Marcus’ story for Year 5, Kwan’s story for Year 6 and Ella’s story for Year 7. Many more stories are to be written to cover the vast range of criteria within the PSHE curriculum used in schools across the country, some of which will be experienced through the use of VR technology. Not only will this be used in schools, but will be a mentoring tool for our Youth Justice Practitioners, enhancing their approach to help young people understand behaviours that might lead them into trouble. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to learn how to use this technology for engagement…

Getting started

We managed to get our hands on a 360 camera courtesy of STEAMhouse, as part of Birmingham University. And the specific camera (for all those curious) is the Insta360 OneX2 which comes with a monopod, a small tripod base and its charging necessities. Our first order of business was to delegate someone to use and learn about this new piece of technology for engagement. That’s me, (David Blake) who’s words you’ve been reading for the last 60 seconds. I was extremely keen to get my hands on this 360 camera, so that process didn’t take too long! As for our second order of business, I need to study the ins and outs of this camera and its capabilities.

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing my direct experience with this camera, going from my first time using the camera, to applying all my knowledge for a future project within the One|80 project, being the first of its kind. Uncovering new styles of delivery and learning the technology to go alongside it is a huge part of what Lime is all about. Immersing young people into their learning, getting creative with storytelling and bridging the gap between mental, emotional & social health and the technology all around us.

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