The Choices Programme

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The Choices Programme

What does the Choices Programme do?

In a world undergoing rapid and massive change, the lives of young people are profoundly and disproportionately impacted. They are thrust into an increasingly complex reality at an ever-younger age. Yet, the goal for human development remains the same: to nurture self-motivated, self-regulated and self-reliant adults. Unfortunately, national data in the UK paints a concerning picture – rising emotional trauma, growing behavioural issues and half of all diagnosable mental health disorders established by age 14. The pace, scale and complexity of modern life can significantly hinder the growth of many young individuals.

Choices Mission

The mission of the Choices Programme is clear: to support schools in preparing and equipping young people to forge their own, better futures. Choices provides a dynamic and interactive learning approach to cultivate critical decision-making skills essential for social and emotional thriving. Backed by robust evidence, it equips educators with the training, tools and resources to create a safe space for young people to practise and refine these crutial skills. Our work has been evaluated by the UK’s largest independent research agency on behalf of the Youth Endowment Fund, confirming the effectiveness of our programme in enhancing self-reflection, self-regulation, empathy, conflict resolution and confidence, and how this supports better decision-making, cooperation and listening. These skills are equally vital in safeguarding young people and in empowering them to manage risks, unlocking their true potential.

The Choices Programme includes modules for Key Stages 2 and 3, establishing strong links to the national curriculum and aligning with Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework. By promoting collaboration and problem-solving, we encourage young people to embrace diverse perspectives, refining and embedding optimal decision-making strategies that can be applied to real-world scenarios. Our resources have empowered thousands of young people to make better decisions, promoting glowing feedback from Ofsted, which commented,

Pupils feel safe in school and learn how to manage risks. The Choices scheme helps pupils to consider the impact of their actions and how they can overcome peer pressure.


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Join us today and discover the transformative power of The Choices Programme. Together, let’s empower our young people to make better informed decisions and build brighter futures for themselves, their peers, families and communities.

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