Empowering Youth Justice through Dialogue: Project One|80 Takes Flight

Empowering Youth Justice through Dialogue: Project One|80 Takes Flight

Project One|80 has officially launched after a successful pilot phase that left us buzzing with excitement. From January to April 2023, we teamed up with a select group of police officers to put our website and resources to the test. Their invaluable feedback validated our efforts and inspired us to move to a broader trial with Youth Justice colleagues across the Thames Valley region.

The Pilot Phase: Progress and Findings

During the pilot phase, our dedicated group of officers meticulously tested the Project One|80 website and resources. Their insights and experiences provided a roadmap for refining and enhancing the initiative, and their feedback reinforced our commitment to making a lasting impact in the youth justice landscape.

Who Will Benefit from Project One|80? 

Project One|80 is designed to empower a range of Youth Justice practitioners, from police officers to Case Managers. Our mission is to provide them with tools to reduce youth recidivism and foster positive behavioural change. Whether on the frontlines of law enforcement or working closely with young individuals within the justice system, Project One|80 is designed to support practitioners to create change by fostering empathy through dialogue.

The Possible Output: Changing Lives, Transforming Communities

What do we hope to achieve with Project One|80? The possibilities are as diverse as the practitioners who will use it. By harnessing the resources, training, and insights with Project One|80 launched, we hope to enable practitioners to:

  1. Enhance Engagement: Building stronger relationships with young people, fostering trust and collaboration.
  2. Facilitate High-Impact Interactions: Gain the skills and knowledge to create transformative moments that inspire behavioural change.
  3. Combat Youth Recidivism: Equip practitioners with the tools needed to break the cycle of reoffending and make a lasting difference in the lives of young people.
  4. Access Valuable Resources: Dive into a wealth of video content and professional development resources that are continually updated and improved based on real-world feedback.

Lego Serious Play: A Unique Approach to Learning (and training): 

As part of Project One|80‘s commitment to innovation, we were excited to introduce Lego Serious Play into our training methodology. This hands-on, interactive approach encourages participants to build, create, and express themselves through Lego bricks. It’s a dynamic way to explore complex topics, facilitate dialogue, and promote creative problem-solving and something we are using more and more as we develop our training offer for this and other projects.

Joined by Representatives from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner: 

At our official launch event, we were honoured to be joined by representatives from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, strong advocates for the initiative that was initially funded by the National Police Chiefs Council’s STAR Fund to promote Science, Technology, Analysis and Research in policing. Their presence underscored the significance of the Project in the realm of youth justice. We’re grateful for their support and collaboration as we embark on the next stage of this transformative journey.

Project One|80 is not just a website; it’s a genuine attempt to respond to the call of practitioners working to support some of our most vulnerable young people. It’s also a commitment to making our communities safer, our young people more resilient, and our practitioners more effective. While we know we are only at the beginning of making this Project genuinely effective, the successful pilot phase and the enthusiasm of our early users have set the stage for a promising future. 

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