Using a 360 camera for Project One|80

We recently got our hands on a 360 camera so we need to learn how to use it and put it to the test for Project One|80

Using a 360 camera for Project One|80

Hitting Record

For the initial test, I went to capture something familiar: football. I wanted to start with something easy and familiar to show where we could take this 360 camera in future projects. This camera connects directly to my phone via an app which can be used to record and edit footage and I stuck it to a monopod to get the best results. 

To edit the footage, I used Adobe Premiere Pro and the phone app to see what the capabilities of each were. Both have their uses and perks; the phone is easy to edit on the go and helpful to figure out quickly if you managed to capture the right shots. The computer however has a lot more functions and more in depth editing abilities. 

Learning VR – Ep 1

Exploring techniques

Once I had an idea of how the camera operated, it was time to think about how it would function in our working environment for Project One|80. The three techniques I wanted to test were a stationary shot, a dynamic shot on wheels and a POV shot. All three required different equipment and it turns out, some looked more ridiculous than others. However, in the correct scenarios and with the right editing, I think all three techniques could be of use with this 360 camera. Here is what I found:

Learning VR – Ep 2

Mapping the first project

When it comes to filming and most things in life, planning is absolutely crucial. This project is a short film exploring the journey of a young adult going through the judicial court system having been involved in knife crime. The film itself will be around 5 minutes long and shown like every other film. But there is an opportunity for us to use this 360 camera to make it more interactive by incorporating a VR experience. The 360 camera will sit where the defendant sits in the short film and the user will be able to see what the defendant saw and experienced. There will also be options to zoom into short clips from the film, showing the reactions of various groups within the courtroom. This includes the judge, the barristers, his family and friends, and the victim’s support group. Here is the layout of it all:

Learning VR – Ep 3

Behind the scenes footage

As part of Project One|80, the short film is only used for educational purposes only and not for public viewing. So, sadly I cannot show the film here for you to see BUT I do have some BTS footage of the day showing the atmosphere of working on a small film set and a blooper or two in there too. 

Learning VR – Ep 4

I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the planning process leading up to this short film, and thank you the University of Birmingham for loaning us the camera for this project. Thank you to everyone who was there taking part on the day and contributing to the success of the project. The film and its accompanying resources are live and being used with young people across the UK as we speak.

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