Navigating the Digital Maze

Discover how Session Five of the Year Six Choices Programme explores how to support young people in navigating the digital realm.

Navigating the Digital Maze

According to our research, today’s digitally pervasive world reveals a profound shift in how young people shape their identities. The constant presence of social media and smartphones has created an ‘always-on’ reality, exposing young minds to unchecked technology usage and its consequential risks. However, our concern lies not just in the peer pressure that this can amplify but also in the perilous, often insidious influences and resulting exploitation young people can be exposed to.

The Choices Programme equips young people with vital skills to navigate this digital labyrinth effectively. It fosters an ability to construct secure identities, manage influences, and understand the psychological underpinnings of behaviour. These skills are fundamental in building resilience, as endorsed by an independent evaluation of Choices by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) on behalf of the Youth Endowment Foundation in 2019. NatCen noted marked improvements in empathy, self-reflection, conflict resolution, and self-regulation among those pupils who participated in Choices.

Session Five: Exploring Online Behaviour

Building upon prior sessions, Session Five explores Kwan’s online encounters, prompting reflections on how feelings of vulnerability may drive actions, especially in digital spaces. By stepping into Kwan’s shoes, pupils examine the complexities of making decisions impacted by emotions, aiming to help them recognise and resist undue influence. Analysing such behavioural drivers helps foster an ability to navigate online dilemmas, empowering them to modify behaviours and make more informed and thoughtful choices. The session is a pivotal platform for broader discussions about positive online conduct and addressing attitudes around digital behaviour. Our ultimate goal is to encourage students to develop the confidence to safeguard themselves and stand up for others.

The Choices Programme aims to illuminate the path toward digital resilience, arming young minds with the skills they need to navigate the intricacies of the online world confidently.

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