PSHE Education Network Workshop Two

Workshop Two of the Slough PSHEe Network shares the effectiveness of subject leadership and examines the challenges that comes with it.

PSHE Education Network Workshop Two

Leadership in Education: Insights from the PSHEe Workshop

November 29th, 2023, marked Session Two of the PSHEe Network in our series of workshops to align teaching practice with behavioural science. Passionate educators and subject leaders from Slough’s primary schools once again joined us for an illuminating workshop focused on transforming PSHEe (personal, social, health, and economic education) practices. 

These sessions are about sharing knowledge and igniting a paradigm shift with an ambitious mission: to integrate effective subject leadership within the intricate tapestry of PSHEe practice based on the latest thinking in cognitive and behavioural science. Three fundamental pillars guided the discussions throughout the day, filling the session with purpose and depth.

Integration of Effective Subject Leadership

Guided by the ethos of empowering leaders within the PSHEe domain, the discussions unpicked the intricate layers of effective subject leadership, exploring how leadership behaviours intertwine with the holistic nature of PSHEe. Participants worked towards presenting a comprehensive picture of effective PSHEe practice in their setting, which is invaluable in guiding colleagues or sharing progress updates with senior leaders and external evaluators.

Understanding the Local Context

Good PSHEe practice responds to local needs and the challenges young people face. This means it’s vital to understand the local catchment and the context of the delivery landscape (‘C&C’). Practitioner conversations sparked innovative strategies, emphasising the need for adaptive approaches tailored to the community’s unique needs.

Developing Connections

Good PSHEe practice also has an ethos of collaboration at its heart. Just as young people must feel safe and secure working together to find common solutions, so must practitioners working across schools and serving local communities. Bringing practitioners together, away from the school setting, is crucial in facilitating vibrant interactions that foster community and collaboration among colleagues, particularly if we want to create a sustained impact. The PSHEe Network Workshop activities were a dynamic fusion of insightful discussions, interactive learning, and innovative activities mirroring effective classroom methodologies. The rich exchange of ideas and experiences shared by colleagues is pivotal in cultivating a robust network, the benefits of which will be felt by schools, pupils, families and communities.

Visionary Insights and Actionable Strategies

Participants eagerly engaged in activities designed to probe into the core of educational leadership. One standout discussion revolved around the concept of ‘vision driving.’ Educators explored the transformative power of vision in shaping standards and professional behaviours within educational settings. They also shared what’s working well within their schools, identifying strengths and candidly sharing significant challenges. These conversations provided a foundation for strategic planning while spotlighting the role of good quality resources in honing subject leadership skills. 

As PSHEe Network Workshop Two drew to a close, reflections echoed a resounding call for educational practices grounded in vision and values. The collective takeaway emphasised the need for consistent practice, review, and a unified approach without undermining the distinctiveness of each school’s ethos. Workshop two was a huge step forward, transcending mere discussions and serving as a launchpad for transformative leadership thinking in PSHEe based in evidence-led behavioural science. The seeds of visionary leadership sown on this day promise to bear fruit in the form of empowered educators fostering holistic development among the young people of Slough.

If you’re a primary PSHEe leader in Slough and want to join the network, please get in touch here.

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