PSHE Education Network Workshop Three

In education, measurement guides progress, yet PSHEe often lacks robust assessment. PSHEe Network Workshop Three explores this in detail…

PSHE Education Network Workshop Three

Unlocking the Power of Measurement in PSHEe

In the world of education, measurement is a cornerstone of assessing progress and guiding interventions. Yet, when it comes to Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHEe), practitioners tell us that the landscape of measurement often falls short. The third workshop in our PSHEe Network series explored this crucial topic, shedding light on why effective outcome measurement is essential in embedding behavioural science into PSHEe practice.

While academic subjects undergo intense scrutiny through various compulsory measures, PSHEe often lacks similar vigilance in measurement. However, discussions in Workshop Three highlighted the critical need for measurement in PSHEe from two perspectives: outcome measurement for improving young lives and monitoring for subject performance and intervention impact. Traditional metrics sometimes fall short, particularly when it comes to impacting lives, necessitating the triangulation of data to ensure a holistic understanding of students’ needs and vulnerabilities.

Our own intervention, Choices, aims to bridge this gap. Our innovative approach incorporates validated measures and leverages teacher insights into students’ experiences. Through dialogue and benchmarked metrics, Choices empowers teachers to identify hidden vulnerabilities and provide targeted support, catalysing a collaborative process among educators to ensure no student’s needs go unnoticed.

Interactive learning, discussion, and collaboration were at the heart of third workshop in our PSHEe Network, where delegates engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. Reflecting on their individual school strengths, current challenges, and potential assessment opportunities in PSHEe, participants began a process of collective brainstorming, which we hope will ultimately lead to a shared PSHEe curriculum that responds to the unique challenges and context of Slough. Moreover, Workshop Three prioritised personal development and continuous professional development (CPD) as essential pillars of growth for educators. Through supportive conversations and idea-sharing sessions, participants empowered each other to incorporate new methodologies and insights gleaned from the workshop into their subject leadership behaviours and classroom practices, emphasising the importance and value of collaborative learning and community support. 

Looking ahead, Workshop Four promises to build upon the foundation laid in previous sessions, delving into effective interventions rooted in understanding and responding to the needs of Slough’s young people. The workshop was a testament to the collective dedication and passion of educators committed to fostering positive change. As it continues to evolve and expand, we hope the ripple effects of these workshops will be felt far beyond the confines of the classroom, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

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