Tales from the lab

Welcome to “Tales from the Lab”, where we combine our passion for research and immersive technologies to develop interventions that transform behaviour.

Tales from the lab

What are ‘Tales from the Lab’?

Join us on this exciting journey as we share captivating stories and insights into our innovative work. Discover how we harness the power of the latest research to create immersive experiences that engage, inspire, and ultimately shape the behaviour of the next generation. From virtual reality to interactive storytelling, we delve into the cutting edge of technology to unlock new possibilities for positive change. And we hope to inspire you with the tales that unfold from our lab and the stories of those we support.

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  • What is the Lab?

    What is the Lab?

    So what is the Lab? Well, Lime is a behaviour-change lab. We explore human psyche, using this space for experimentation and discovery.
    – Mark Ashfield

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