Choices for Year Six has Begun!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Choices Year Six for the 2023/24 academic year! This marks a crucial stage for Year Six pupils preparing for SATs and the transition to secondary school.

Choices for Year Six has Begun!

Choices Year Six – Empowering Young Minds for 2023/24!

We’re excited to announce that Choices Year Six has officially launched for the 2023/24 academic year! This is a pivotal time for Year Six students preparing first for SATs and then the transition to secondary school. Choices is here to empower them with invaluable life skills, not just for the classroom but for the adventures and challenges life has in store.

We’re thrilled to see so many schools embarking on this journey. It’s heartwarming to hear how Choices has played a significant role in boosting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of young learners in numerous schools, backed up by the wellbeing data that we routinely collect along the way.

What’s in Store for Schools?

In the coming weeks, we’re excited to provide schools with essential programme information, valuable materials, and insights from other participating schools to enrich their delivery. We’ll be checking in weekly to offer support, guidance, and inspiration as they move through the programme content.

Year Six Session One: The Foundation for Confident Decision-Making

During the first session, pupils will revisit and reacquaint themselves with the material and stories they explored in Year Five. This valuable review not only reinforces knowledge but is an essential part of our process of embedding positive behaviours. For newcomers experiencing Choices for the first time, it’s a fantastic opportunity to become familiar with the fundamental concepts that underpin this year’s experience – and, of course, to meet the intriguing characters that play such a central role in the programme.

In both Year Five and Year Six, students develop a deep understanding of how decisions are made, equipping them with the ability to make informed choices as they venture into the future. The focus on understanding decisions and choices is pivotal to their development, particularly during Year Six, a time of tumultuous change.

Building Resilience for the Journey Ahead

The primary objective of Session One is to ensure the entire class is on the same (digital) page (quite literally!), reinforcing their grasp of how decisions are influenced and made. This strong foundation prepares them for the thrilling journey ahead – exploring the impact of change and its effects on decision-making, this time through the eyes of Kwan, the lead character. This phase in the Choices journey is thoughtfully designed to prepare students for Year Seven. The move to secondary school can be a significant disruption, affecting established networks and connections and often leading to feelings of isolation and vulnerability. Choices helps equip them to navigate these changes with confidence, arming them with skills to face future challenges head-on.

We’re thrilled to be part of these new journeys, embarking on adventures that empower young minds and foster confident and resilient decision-makers. Together, we’re building a generation that can protect themselves from harm and make choices that empower their future. Here’s to an exciting and enriching year with Choices Year Six!

We’re thrilled to see so many schools embarking on this journey. It’s always heartwarming to hear about the role Choices plays in boosting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of young learners, backed by the wellbeing data we collect along the way.

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