Working in partnership to help young people


As part of our ongoing support to schools in the West Midlands we were asked to support a secondary school which had been dealing with a serious incident of weapon carrying and gang threats.
The head teacher requested support to deliver the programme to a targeted group of students who had the most to gain from this targeted intervention. The sessions were delivered to 24 students in two groups over 7 weeks with support from facilitators from Catch 22 who already had connections with pupils at the school.
Students completed questionnaires during the first and final sessions to give feedback on their thoughts and attitudes around weapons and gangs.

“You need to carry a weapon to be respected.” Pre session 42.9% disagreed or strongly disagreed whilst 13% agreed or strongly agreed, post no one agreed or strongly agreed whilst 68.8% now disagreed or strongly disagreed.

“I would consider carrying a weapon for self-protection.” Those who strongly agreed fell from 6 students to zero.

If I felt pressured to join a gang I would talk to someone I trusted about it.” Pre session 31.8% disagreed or strongly disagreed with this, post this had dropped to 18.8%. Whilst pre 40.9% agreed or strongly agreed with this which rose to 75.1%.
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