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No Respect
South Yorkshire

Tackling fire-related anti-social behaviour | 75% reduction in incidents | “lime’s project is contributing to the downward trend in incidents” – practitioner’s verdict

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In the early part of 2011, secondary fires in Kendray had increased by 660% in the space of just two months. Reacting quickly to this spate of fire-related anti-social behaviour incidents, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service called in lime, having seen our No Respect: Cause & Effect anti-social behaviour project, to ask us how we could help them tackle this issue.

Our research showed that, of almost 100 young people, only one knew that committing arson can result in being given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order, but two-thirds recognised that hoax calls cost the emergency services thousands of pounds each year.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service’s No Respect resource was piloted in the secondary fire hotspot ward of Kendray & Worsborough. Results were achieved immediately: the number of secondary fire incidents in the ward fell month-by-month as soon as the project was implemented, coming down by 75% compared to the peak three months earlier.

As well as improving safety, this also has huge financial implications – average monthly response costs fell to £19,793, representing a 38% reduction. If No Respect proves as effective across the rest of South Yorkshire, this would equate to cost savings of £2.2million.

Simon Brookes, the area’s arson intervention officer, said, “Kendray area has persistently been an ASB fire ‘hot’ area […] the education programme you are running in the Academy is obviously contributing to the downward trend in incidents.”

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