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No Respect

Tackling anti-social behaviour | Changing the attitudes of teenagers in Hastings | “The whole resource is relevant and effective” – practitioner’s verdict

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Following a successful education project to tackle under-age drinking, the Safer Hastings Partnership (SHP) again turned to lime for another sustainable educational resource – this time focusing on anti-social behaviour.

lime set out to consult with a significant proportion of local teenagers – 15% of all year 10 students (aged 14-15) in mainstream education in the borough – to gain insights into their experiences and perceptions of anti-social behaviour (ASB). The consultation revealed that only 5% said they had never engaged in an act of ASB, with 45% admitting that they participate in at least one type of ASB on a weekly basis.

We used the information from these consultations to build an educational resource that could be mainstreamed into local schools to educate young people about the short and long-term consequences of ASB, both for themselves and for the wider community.

No Respect: Cause and Effect includes a 15-minute film and four PSHE lessons. The film – and particularly the ending – is designed to spark debate in the classroom and encourage students to question the character’s behaviour. The lessons are composed of interesting and engaging activities, through which students explore what is ASB, who commits it and its consequences for victims and for offenders.

The lessons are ideal for PSHE teachers, in particular, as they support the delivery of the Key Stage 3 Citizenship element of the National Curriculum, especially the units focusing on crime, safety awareness, human rights and dealing with conflict.

Mike Fagan, Community Safety Manager with the SHP, said, “What is impressive about the No Respect film is its realism. The input of our local young people was crucial to ensuring that the film doesn’t shy away from the fact that there’s not always a happy ending and, because of this, the whole resource is relevant and effective.”

No Respect has since been adapted and tailored for South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service with significant results.Click here to read more…

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