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Lose Your Bottle

Tackling under-age drinking | Changing the attitudes of 41% of Year 9 students | “An effective resource, even among teens who already drink alcohol” – teachers’ verdict

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When a problem with under-age drinking in the seaside town of Hastings was highlighted by analysis into Public Place Violent Crime, the local community safety partnership – the Safer Hastings Partnership – commissioned lime to produce a sustainable educational resource that would complement the existing enforcement activity to tackle this issue.

Local Alcohol Profiles for England revealed that Hastings had a significantly worse rate of alcohol-specific hospital admissions for under-18s than the England average – it was ranked 314 out of 326 local authority areas, the 13th worst borough in the country.Partnership agencies were becoming increasingly alarmed by the scale of under-age drinking in the town and concerned about the impact of this on young people themselves and Hastings as a whole. lime suggested that the best source of accurate information about under-age drinking in the town would be young people themselves, so we initially set out to consult with at least 10% of Year 10 students (aged 14-15) in Hastings, asking them directly about their experiences and perceptions of under-age drinking and anti-social behaviour.We learned a great deal through this consultation and the information we provided for the Safer Hastings Partnership about location, in particular, was used immediately by police to target specific areas based on the intelligence gathered. We asked the young people themselves what action they thought would be or would have been most likely to prevent them and their peers starting to drink alcohol: 44% of respondents said that educating young people would be the most effective way to reduce under-age drinking.In the year following this consultation, on behalf of the SHP, lime worked with a smaller group of local young people (drawn from those involved in the consultation process) to develop an educational resource about under-age drinking to be used in local secondary schools. Lose Your Bottle includes a 15-minute film and four lesson plans and is taught by local PSHE teachers. Evaluation of the impact of Lose Your Bottle on a pilot sample of just over 300 local Year 9 and 10 students has found that 36% clearly stated they would drink less as a result of Lose Your Bottle, rising to 41% among just Year 9 students. There was a 23% reduction in the number believing it is ok to get so drunk that you pass out, and 72% said they now have a better understanding of how alcohol affects the body. All teachers who used the resource stated that they planned to use it again; 90% rated it as an effective resource – both with those who have not yet started drinking and those who have. One said, “What makes it work is that our students can relate to it because it’s very contemporary, the characters are believable and the local references make it relevant… I love the fact that lime took their ideas away and then came back to them for the redrafting, because that’s one of the things that really makes Lose Your Bottle stand out from similar projects.”

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