New Road Safety Research in South Yorkshire

The results of our recent road safety consultation are in. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been speaking to a cross-section of teenagers from across South Yorkshire to find out more about their attitudes and behaviour when it comes to all types of road safety, whether it’s as drivers, passengers, cyclists or observers.

Some of the results are quite reassuring – for example, 80 per cent understand the legal issues and consequences of bad driving; but there were some worrying findings too, with most young people witnessing people playing loud music and talking on a mobile phone while driving most weeks.The threat to the UK’s young people is real: a 15-24-year-old is 17 times more likely to die on our roads than to be killed by a weapon, including guns and knives, and four times more likely to die in a road crash than from drug or alcohol poisoning. In South Yorkshire, 29 per cent of drivers killed in collisions are under the age of 25.

As part of our consultation and in keeping with lime’s ethos, we asked the teenage participants for their solutions. The most popular answers involved more education as a key factor in changing the attitudes and behaviours of their peers, and that’s exactly what we’ll be working on next. Watch this space as details of the South Yorkshire road safety educational resource unfold…

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