Innovation funding helps to build new product

Lime 10We are delighted to win funding to help develop a brand new service – ‘Compass’ – an online, mobile ecosystem to support people who are facing challenging situations.

This will bring together a whole range of public and professional services in one place to provide people with timely and targeted information – all accessed from their mobile devices.

Initially, the service will be used to help students but there are plans to work with former offenders as they find their way back into their communities.

The idea is based upon a piece of research conducted by Mark Ashfield, lime’s founder, as part of a Master’s Degree which considered how technology could be used to improve the lives of vulnerable people.

Mark said: “My research with former offenders looked at how we could harness social and mobile technology to help them stay on a certain pathway and navigate difficult challenges. However, it quickly became apparent that many other groups could benefit from this approach.

“The service will track crucial appointments and milestones such as meetings with key workers, education and employment opportunities, housing and health services, even providing maps if they don’t know how to get to certain places.

“We also looked at it from the perspective of key workers looking after offenders.

“Technology can help alleviate the burden of paperwork, freeing up time for care professionals to do what they do best, help support the often difficult and complex needs of the individuals they work with.

“Our research also identified that many of the services we are developing may be useful to students in terms of how they manage their college lives.

“Not just the academic stuff, although it will deliver online learning, but by looking at the needs of a person as a whole, their aspirations, their social activities and even how mood affects their daily decisions.

“This is an exciting time in terms of using technology to change the way we make sense of the world and we are now establishing pilots with colleges in the South West, West Midlands and Yorkshire.”

He said the grant from Innovation Networks had been invaluable in getting the idea for Compass off the ground.

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