About lime

We change lives. It is not only our aim; it is what we do. That may sound like a bold claim, but lime has a proven track record in creating inspiring projects that change the perceptions, attitudes and behaviour of our audience. We’ve persuaded 14 year olds in East Sussex to drink less alcohol and teenagers in Birmingham and London to reject violence. We provide the catalyst for positive action.

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lime was founded out of a passion to improve our society by tackling the social issues that negatively affect our communities. We believe that the solutions can only be designed from direct insight of the problem, by understanding it from the perspective of those most affected and by listening to those messages that they think will have the greatest impact.

We are meticulous in our pursuit of understanding the motivations behind behaviour and attitudes. We put a profound knowledge of people and communities at the heart of what we do. Our problem-orientated, peer-led approach is central to the success of our work and we have evidenced real change across a range of priority areas. Our programmes, projects, campaigns and resources connect people with the issues they care about, inspiring action, challenging opinions and driving a change in behaviour and attitude. And they are built upon a depth of understanding that comes from detailed research, consultation and a true spirit of partnership working with all those tasked to deliver change in our communities. Our work provides a highly effective engagement mechanism by which organisations can deliver key messages that contribute to the prevention of risk activities through actual, sustained and result-orientated change.