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  • Collision

    Collision was commissioned by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and The Safer Roads Partnership to reduce the number of road collisions involving young drivers and passengers
  • Lose your bottle

    Tackling under-age drinking | Changing the attitudes of 41% of Year 9 students | “An effective resource, even among teens who already drink alcohol” – teachers’ verdict
  • No Respect

    Tackling fire-related anti-social behaviour | 75% reduction in incidents | “lime’s project is contributing to the downward trend in incidents” – practitioner’s verdict
  • My Life
    My Choice

    Tackling gangs and gun crime | 200 young people’s views | “When pupils viewed the film for the first time, the impact was palpable” – PRU manager’s verdict
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Together we change lives

That may sound like a bold claim, but lime has a proven track record in creating inspiring projects that change the perceptions, attitudes and behaviour of our audience. We’ve persuaded 14-year-olds in East Sussex to drink less alcohol and teenagers in Birmingham and London to reject violence.
We provide the catalyst for positive action…


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Whatever the issue, lime gets right to the heart of it by seeing it through the eyes of the target audience. Understanding how they perceive it and are affected by it is the crucial first step in developing a solution.


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lime constructs a compelling narrative around the experiences of target groups and practitioners, using a range of creative, digital and interactive media to reinforce key messages in ways that thoroughly engage audiences.


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Without thoughtful delivery, good ideas sit on the shelf – and who wants to sit on a shelf! lime ’s programmes share the insights we have collected and ultimately bring about long-term, tangible changes in people’s lives.

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What we are doing

New transitions resource

In this first edition of Stolen Lives we meet Marcus, his family ...

nathans story
Working in partnership to help young people

  As part of our ongoing support to schools in the West Midlands we ...

Teacher Testimonial My Life My Choice

One of our practitioners describing how My Life My Choice has had ...


Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) are the biggest killer of young people in ...

No Respect – South Yorkshire

Following the success of our No Respect programme to drive down antisocial ...

MLMC GN Page_2
My Life My Choice: Nathan’s Story – Comic workbook

My Life My Choice: Nathan's Story - comic workbook follows the same ...

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Are you looking for a fresh approach to a problem in your community? lime can work with you, combining your expertise with our unique approach and proven track record of achieving measurable, tangible change in the attitudes and behaviours of young people.

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